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With other 25 years in manufacturing special lubricants, LUBRILOG is strengthening everyday its presence in worldwide automotive industry.

Highly specialized in designing and manufacturing fluorinated lubricants, LUBRILOG is giving new technical perspectives in complete harmony with the evolution of the materials and the methods used.

Due to compatibility reasons, shelf life, costs and safety procedures, automotive industry is gradually moving away from using conventional materials to a large range of complex and organic composite materials.

All of these new generation components are nevertheless very sensitive in contact with conventional lubricants (physico-chemical interferences with material performance losses).

Today, LUBRILOG is completely involved in such concerns and has become a key actor in the automotive tribology expertise.

LUBRILOG supports its partners in their projects to find the most efficient lubrication solution.

Fields of application

Oil without silicone Engine block components Connectors can be electrical contacts or connections intended for fluid transmission. Electrical contacts allow an efficient power and signal broadcasting.

Lubricants involved in this concern must improve electrical contacts protection, have a high vapor tension to avoid any lubricants migration and be compatible with plastics and elastomers (mainly used for insulating material).


  • Low voltage or low amperage connectors
  • High tension electrical connectors (spark plug cups, wiring and coils)
  • Sensors and potentiometers
  • Commutators and micro-switches
  • Fluid and mechanical connectors
  • Brakes : Master cylinder cups, seals and diaphragm amplifiers, etc.
  • Starter
  • Turbo : connector clamps
  • Heat-air connection assembly
  • Engine gas management systems: EGR valves, throttle control, idle air actuators, etc.
  • CV joints
  • Wheel bearings
  • O-rings and lips seals treatment
  • Fuel hoses and injectors

The passenger compartment and the dashboard include many systems requiring high quality lubrication. Lubricants are used to improve connection between plastic parts to avoid squeaks and rattles to insure a high perceived quality of the materials to final customers.


  • Seat tracks
  • Electric seat mechanisms
  • Window visors
  • Pedal and steering wheel positionning systems
  • Dashboard mobile elements
  • Needle gauges
  • Air nozzles
  • Cigarette lighters
  • Safety belts mechanisms
  • Air bag activating systems

LUBRILOG suggests solutions to improve sliding parts in contact and to avoid squeaks and sticking problems on seals (doors, sunroofs and trunks).

The lubricants can also be advised to reduce signifcantly assembling aid efforts.


  • Headlights and blinkers
  • Headlight washers
  • Wiping mechanisms
  • Seals treatment (doors and windows)
  • Seals assembly aid
  • Sunroof mechanisms
  • Side mirror mechanisms
  • Door hinges
  • Door handles
  • Sliding agent for wiring cable

Steering and suspension are in the forefront in matter of vibrations and squeaks absorption. The lubricants are used to increase the driving pleasure and the vehicle perceived quality. Therefore, they improve the customer’s satisfaction. These lubricants are essential for the car’s safety. That is why they must remain absolutely reliable.


  • Low voltage or low amperage connectors
  • Rack and pinion systems
  • Stabilizer bushings
  • Leaf springs
  • Silent-blocs assembly
  • Wheel bearings
  • Wheel bearings seals
  • CV joints
  • Silent bloc stears
  • Car shock absorbers

LUBRILOG improves continuously its ranges of products according to the current and future needs of its customers.

In this way, LUBRILOG has developed some innovative and efficient lubrication solutions especially for the electric car industry.

Thanks to its reactivity and its knowledge, LUBRILOG supports OEM and car parts manufacturers in their new projects or/and in their research of improvement solutions.

Moreover, components used in automotive industry are frequently updated, and lubricants become quickly obsolete and even inappropriate.

LUBRILOG‘s engineers are able to develop promptly, custom-made effective lubricants compatible with the chemical nature of new materials involved.

Over the last years, LUBRILOG’s expertise has allowed to develop more than a hundred of new lubricants for various applications in compliance with quality and environment standards.

LUBRILOG suggests lubrication solutions for aftersales network but also lubrication kits well adapted to end-users needs.

In this regard, LUBRILOG proposes to car and Automotive Equipmentmanufacturers any kind of packaging (from plain packaging to private label).

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